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Moon Mooncake ~ Premium Pie Moon Cake 金牌酥饼【HALAL】


* 这是预购产品,12.07.2022 之后才会寄出包裹。
* 请在 31.08.2022之前订购,确保能够在中秋节之前或当天收到。
* 如有在以上日期后才下单,包裹将在中秋节之后才收到。

祝您:中秋节快乐, 合家安康。

* This is PRE-ORDER item, the item will ship out after 12.07.2022.
* Please Order before 31.08.2022 to ensure that before the Mid-Autumn Festival or received that day.
* If order after above date will receive the parcel after Mid-Autumn Festival.

Wish you a happy Mid-Autumn Festival.

* 货品经由出售概不退换。
* Goods are not returnable or refundable.


Weight 1.2 kg

Egg Yolk Pie 蛋黄酥 (8pcs), Violet Gem Pie 御皇酥 (8pcs), Assorted Pie Mooncake 混2口味 (8pcs), Green Tea Red Bean Lava Pie 翡翠酥 (绿茶流心酥 8pcs)

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