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1 传统式 – 龙凤喜饼,4色饼等。礼盒外部多是大红色和传统图案为主,因为红色代表喜气和福气。

2 西式 – 曲奇,牛油酥饼,蛋挞类,蛋糕等西式甜点为主。现代人也可接受较西式食物,不一定追求传统食品和设计。礼盒多是可爱,漂亮的现代化设计,不局限于传统风格。

3 混合式 – 包含了部分传统酥皮喜饼, 也配合了西式酥饼, 蛋糕类甜点的礼盒。

混合式喜饼礼盒为多数人的首选, 有长辈们可食用传统类喜饼, 又有年轻人喜爱的西式甜点。

礼盒外观则是以现代话的设计呈现出中式的喜气, 即美观又不失传统。


首先要注意的是喜饼的保存期限, 以及亲朋好友住的远近, 一般上有品质的喜饼保存期限都不会太短。

在新人过大礼后, 婚礼之前便可分发喜饼礼盒给亲朋戚友报喜。

通常喜饼店家都可根据订购的喜饼数量安排送到家。 现代很多人也会在过大礼前一天就安排喜饼礼盒送付准新娘家。 过大礼当天早上便可使用膜拜神明。

Who should you present the wedding gift set? When should you order?

Usually the lady asked the number of relatives and friends from parents’ side, plus their friends, work colleagues and so on,

plus the number of man’s needed to be distributed.

Once you have determined the number of lists, you should start shopping and ordering them three months ago to make sure they arrive on time.

How should you choose wedding gift set?

Wedding gift set, in addition to represent the background of the man’s family, also represent the choice of new both families. Therefore, it must also be careful to choose.

You should choose the wedding gift set with reasonable price, quality assurance, good taste, also good reputation of the produced company.

So new couple should have enough survey and choose a satisfying brand.

What are the types of wedding gift set?

1 Traditional – Dragon phoenix pastry, 4-color cake, etc. The exterior of the gift box is mostly red with traditional patterns, because red represents joy and blessing.

2 Western – cookies, butter cakes, egg tarts, cakes and other Western-style desserts. Modern people can also accept western-style food, not necessarily the pursuit of traditional food and design. Gift boxes are mostly cute, beautiful and modern design, not limited to traditional style.

3 Mixed – Contains some traditional pastry cakes, which also come with Western-style pastry, cake-like desserts.

The mixed wedding gift box is the first choice for most people, with traditional pastries for elders and Western desserts popular with young people.

The appearance of the gift box is the modern language design to show the Chinese spirit, that is, beautiful and not lost the tradition.

When should you distribute wedding gift set?

The first thing to note is that the preservation period of gift set, as well as where friends and family located.

Generally, the preserve period of a quality wedding gifts set will not be too short.

After the Guo Da Li, the wedding gift box can be distributed to friends and relatives before the wedding.

Usually the wedding gift shop can arrange to send home according to the number of ordered.

Many people in modern times will also arrange for the wedding gift box to be delivered to the bride-to-be’s house the day before Guo Da Li.

The day of Guo Da Li can then be used to worship the gods.


(The above information is provided by Yong Sheng after many years of experience and the integration of information, habits, etc. In the hope that modern people will be better understood the meaning and process of traditional Chinese culture. Information is for reference only. Family habits may vary slightly from different cultures.)


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