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宝宝满月的由来 | The Origin of Full Moon of the Baby

(新手爸爸妈妈需知 What Newbie Parents Should Know)


One month after the baby is born, it is called a full moon or full month. In the traditional Chinese customs, this day is very important which will also be performed some ceremonies to thank gods, to share joy with relatives and friends, as well as bless the baby to grow up fast, has a completed life and so on.

Full Moon Culture

祭拜祖先 | Worship God


Many people would worship God and ancestors with a show of thanks for the baby has passed the full month in good health.

Full Moon Culture

满月酒 | Full Moon Dinner


When the baby is full moon, the baby’s family will do “full moon dinner” to put on a few tables of dinner and ask friends and family to come to celebrate. On the full moon day, the baby will wear a new dress, new shoes and elders will meet him or her one by one, and friends and relatives will send blessings, red envelopes or gifts.

Full Moon Culture

送头尾 | Send Head and Tail


When the baby is full moon, the grandparents will prepare clothing from head to toe, gold ornaments and other gifts to the baby as a return of full moon gift box, also bless the baby’s life without worry to eat and wear.

Full Moon Culture

剃胎发 | Shaving Hair


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It means to show the baby “start from zero”, grow up fast and has a lifetime of happiness and health in future. (Shaving head also has a custom which is not to shave the baby’s hair until empty. It must leave a piece of “smart hair” in the center of the head and the back of the brain as a “root hair”, wish the child smart, rooted in a long life!)

Tire brush: Generally, will be the hair into a pigtail, with red silk cloth wrapped up. Others will make a fetal hair into a hairbrush. Fetal brush was originally used by the emperor to reward the faithful scholars of the court, but to the Tang and Song dynasties to transform into the symbol of good family, when the use of fetal brush is a trend. There was s story that the Tang Dynasty has a student, because his poor family has no money to buy a pen, his mother took out his two months cut tire hair, made a brush to let him go to Beijing to test. Finally, he got the first place. So, the tire brush is also called “Zhuang Yuan pen”, “Smart pen”.

Full Moon Culture

满月礼盒 | Full Moon Gift Set



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Long time ago, elders would prepare oil rice and red eggs and give to relatives and friends when the baby was full moon.

Due to the busy modern life, this custom has been more difficult to implement, plus the oil rice, red eggs cannot be stored for a long time, so modern parents will generally order a full moon gift box (there are Chinese gift cakes, Western-style cakes) and give to relatives and friends to share the baby full moon happy news, and also include the expectations of adults.

Of course, those who received good news will also be courtesy to exchange red envelopes or baby supplies as a congratulations.

The Full Moon Gift Set is now mostly mixed style, with both traditional gift cakes and Western-style pastries, in line with modern tastes. The gift box appearance is mostly cute, or cartoon shaped.


(Oil rice symbolizes the meaning of “breeding, multi-son.” Red eggs symbolize round full, raw meaning. In tradition, single numbers have a lonely meaning, such as sending red eggs are generally best with 2 or 4. )


(The above information is provided by Yong Sheng after many years of experience and the integration of information, habits, etc. We hope that modern people will be better understood the meaning and process of traditional Chinese culture. Information is for reference only. Family habits may vary slightly from different cultures.)

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