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Durian Paste Mooncake 榴莲王月饼 (2pcs/tin)【HALAL】


Durian Paste Mooncake 榴莲王月饼
* 经典广式烤皮,榴莲莲蓉馅为主外馅,内馅有名种榴莲果肉慢火煮成入口即化的流沙,回味无穷。
* 浓郁榴莲香味软糯饱满。
* 1 盒内含 2粒月饼, 各个月饼拥有独立包装。
  1tin contains 2 pcs mooncake, each mooncake is individually packaged
* 净重:160g/ 粒
  Net Weight: 160g per pcs

* 请在 10.09.2024之前订购,确保能够在中秋节之前或当天收到。
* 如有在以上日期后才下单,包裹将在中秋节之后才收到。

祝您:中秋节快乐, 合家安康。

* Please Order before 10.09.2024 to ensure that before the Mid-Autumn Festival or received that day.
* If order after above date will receive the parcel after Mid-Autumn Festival.

Wish you a happy Mid-Autumn Festival.

* 货品经由出售概不退换。
* Goods are not returnable or refundable.


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