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一生一次,一生一世 | Once in a Lifetime, Once and Forever




The older generation said: marriage is not only a matter for 2 people, but 2 families.

Proper arrangements for marriage, in addition to the new couples, also lead to 2 families’ satisfaction and more harmonious relationship.

The affirmation and blessing of friends and relatives and is only the long-term happiness.

The Origin of Wedding Gift Set

喜饼的由来 | The Origin of Wedding Gift Set


因此将计就计, 请师傅制作龙凤喜饼, 在刘备去东吴的沿途分发喜饼传喜讯, 告知东吴老百姓们刘备将迎娶孙权的妹妹。

结果最后假戏真做, 东吴老百姓都相信了, 因此孙权不得已只能把妹妹真的许配给刘备。 从此以后便有了嫁女送喜饼之俗。

Wedding pastry etiquette legend is derived from the Three Kingdoms era, where Zhu Ge Liang saw Zhou Yu and Sun Quan ask his sister to marry Liu Bei to cheat him to Dong Wu, forcing him to return Jingzhou.

Therefore, Zhu Ge Liang asks Liu Bei to make Dragon Phoenix pastry, to distribute to people along the way and share the happy news, to inform the East Wu people Liu Bei will marry Sun Quan’s sister.

In the end Dong Wu people are believed, so Sun Quan must only put his sister really married to Liu Bei. From then on there has been married woman to send wedding pastry in Chinese culture.

Meaning of Guo Da Li

过大礼的意义 | Meaning of Guo Da Li





During Guo Da Li, the man will bring gifts, gold, wedding gift box, and other vast to the lady’s home, present to the parents-in-law to appreciate the grace of raising his future wife.

When the elders receive honorable gifts from the man, they feel at ease when their daughter marry to their daughter-in-law.

The lady family will also return a portion of gifts and other parts to the man family, on behalf of the two sides courtesy exchanges, harmonious relations.

Meaning of Wedding Gift Set

喜饼礼盒的意义 | Meaning of Wedding Gift Set





Wedding gift set is presented to lady’s family from man’s family in the traditional Chinese wedding.

The man will bring a lot of gifts to lady’s family, representing the background of the man’s family, so that the elders may feel honor for their daughter-in-law.

The lady’s family will then distribute wedding gift set to relatives and friends to tell everyone the happy news of marriage.

The man’s family will also distribute the wedding gift set, informing relatives and friends that their son is about to get married, to get a good wife.

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