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“Yong Sheng was founded in 1952. We have been around for more than half a century. The original purpose was to provide hand-crafted pastries and snacks for the neighborhood, as well as wedding gift boxes for new marriage, also full moon gift boxes for babies, etc. In the 60s and 70s we were a favorite little confectionery.

In the 1980s, due to the development of transportation, local customers like to present our products as a gift to friends and family abroad, to share the moment of joy. Yong Sheng products gradually received the love of foreigners as they came to Muar will sure buy our products.

Entering the millennium, Yong Sheng also finally can expand to other places and continue to serve customers everywhere.

Over time, in addition to provide delicious Chinese pastries, snacks, hand-to-hand gifts, as well as wedding gift boxes and full moon gift boxes, cultural heritage has gradually become our mission. We hope to continue to pass on the local meaningful traditional culture and the good taste to the next generation through experience. So we also have a clear meaning. We hope to bring the local culture to the hands of modern people through the traditional good taste.”

我们的历史 | Our History

Yong Sheng Gift Shop

1952 年,黄美城先生创立荣成饼庄,以制造和售卖传统汉饼,糕点类为主,当时仅有半间店面位于麻坡。

In 1952, Mr. Ng Mee Sim founded Yong Sheng Confectionery, which makes and sells traditional Chinese pies and pastries. During that time, Yong Sheng Confectionery only half of the storefronts in Muar.

Yong Sheng Gift Shop


In the 1980s, Yong Sheng Confectionery established very first plant in order to supply demand.


In 1985, Yong Sheng Confectionery transformed into a limited company, named as Yong Sheng Gift Shop.

Yong Sheng Gift Shop

2002年,荣成采用南洋娘惹文化作为形象代表,致力推行 “好礼在荣成”的理念。

In 2002, Yong Sheng Gift Shop adopted Nanyang’s Nyonya culture as brand image. Fully committed with the concept of “Good Courtesy always at Yong Sheng”.


In 2004, Yong Sheng Gift Shop began to expand outwards, opening its first branch beside Muar.

Yong Sheng Gift Shop


Until today, Yong Sheng Gift Shop owned 10 branches throughout Malaysia and the story continues.

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