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Luke Live ~ CNY Cookies of RM 39.80 series



* 请在29.01.2024之前订购,以确保能够在新年之前或当天收到。
* 此产品是易碎产品,如无法接受瑕疵,请绕路,谢谢
* 无人签收的物件或地址有误所造成的延误递送服务,怒不接受其投诉。
* 如有在以上日期后才下单,包裹将在新年之后才收到。
* 货品经由出售概不退换。



* Please Order before 29.01.2024

to ensure that before the Chinese New Year Festival or received that day.
*This product is fragile if you can’t accept the flaws, please don’t place the order, thank you
* Please ensure that delivery details are provided correctly to avoid any additional transport cost for
redirection delay.
* If order after above date will receive the parcel after Chinese New Year Festival.
* Goods are not returnable or refundable.

祝您:新年快乐, 合家安康。
Wish you a Happy Chinese New Year Festival.

Weight 2 kg
CNY Cookies 1 年饼选择 1

220005 Almond Cookies 杏仁酥, 220006 Carnival Pineapple Cookies 凤梨酥, 220008 Cashewnut Cookies 吉祥腰果, 220029 Salted Egg Yolk Cookies 金玉满堂, 220014 Cheese Ball Cookies 黄金满满, 220009 Macadamianut Cookies 金枝玉叶, 220137 Cranberry Cookies (Dragon) 金龙呈祥, 220059 Coconut Crispy Roll 椰香一口酥, 220039 Cranberry Cookies (Siput) 蔓越莓奶酥饼, 220045 无糖杏仁酥, 220036 Green Pea Cookies 招财翡翠, 220028 Walnut Cookies 如意合桃, 220037 Cranberry Pineapple Cookies 蔓越莓凤梨酥, 220048 Pineapple Jam Filled Cookies 斑兰凤梨, 220027 Chocolate Fudge Cookies 欧式布朗尼, 220070 Cranberry Butter Cookies 优格蔓越莓

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