CNY – Fortune Gift Bag 大吉大利福袋

RM78.00 RM68.00

* Total 1pkt Layer Cake & 2pkts mini CNY Cookies
此配套总共有1条千层糕 & 2小包装年饼
* Fix 1pkt Layer Cake (Pandan Walnut Layer Cake)
固定品项千层糕 (班兰核喜相逢)
* Choose 2 pkts of mini CNY Cookies 任选2小包装年饼
(Almond Cookies, Green Pea Cookies, Carnival Pineapple, Salted Egg Yolk Cookies, Cranberry Butter Cookies)
* Will get one free LED Light Red 免费一个LED 灯。



* 请在21.01.2022之前订购,以确保能够在新年之前或当天收到。
* 此产品是易碎产品,如无法接受瑕疵,请绕路,谢谢
* 无人签收的物件或地址有误所造成的延误递送服务,怒不接受其投诉。
* 如有在以上日期后才下单,包裹将在新年之后才收到。
* 货品经由出售概不退换。



* Please Order before 21.01.2022

to ensure that before the Chinese New Year Festival or received that day.
*This product is fragile if you can’t accept the flaws, please don’t place the order, thank you
* Please ensure that delivery details are provided correctly to avoid any additional transport cost for
redirection delay.
* If order after above date will receive the parcel after Chinese New Year Festival.
* Goods are not returnable or refundable.

祝您:新年快乐, 合家安康。
Wish you a Happy Chinese New Year Festival.

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