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熊宝贝(B) FM-Precious Bear (B)


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  • 店取请在4天前订购
  • 邮寄请在10天前订购
  • 订单将在1-3天内处理; 邮寄期限是处理订单后的2-7天; 店取则是处理订单后的4天。(普通产品)
  • For Pickup, Please Order 4 days in advance. 
  • For Delivery, Please Order 10 days in advance.
  • Order will be confirmed within 1-3 days; Courier delivery will be taken 2-7 days after confirmed date;Pickup at shop will be taken 4 days after confirmed.(for normal product)* 图片仅供参考。Picture shown is for illustration purpose only.
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